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Message Wall/Forum Rules

  1. No inappropriate language/profanity.
  2. No irrelevant comments.
  3. Do not give out personal information.
  4. Do not offend users.
  5. Do not put down other users for stating their opinion.
  6. Comments cannot contain inappropriate content.
  7. Not one form of cyber bullying will be accepted (no name calling, making fun of, bullying, intimidating).
  8. Do not ask questions that do not have to do with the page.
  9. Do not post any comments that will offend anybody and/or scare someone.
  10. Do not post any comments that may be offensive to other users.
  11. Agree to disagree with other users in a polite way.
  12. Do not post any disturbing comments.
  13. Accept the opinions of others.

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