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The Violetta tours are the two concert tours with the Violetta cast. The cast has visited several countries in Latin America and Europe.

There has been two Violetta Tours: The first one called Violetta en Vivo and the second, and the last, one called Violetta LIVE.

Violetta en Vivo (2013-2014)

Main article: [[Violetta en Vivo]]

The first Violetta tour was Violetta en Vivo. The cast gave 60 concerts in the Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before heading through the rest of Argentina, plus other countries in South America and Europe.

Violetta LIVE (2015)

Main article: [[Violetta LIVE]]

The second tour started in 2015 in Spain, and is touring through Europe, Central- and South America. The tour will finish in November 2015 in Nice, France. 

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