“A Visit, A Song”
Season 3, Episode 69
Air Date

January 22, 2015 (Latin America)
December 21, 2016 (UK and Ireland)

Prod. Code



Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta


Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban

Episode Guide

A Truth Came to Light, A Song


An Explanation, A Song

Episode 69, also known as A Visit, A Song, is the 229th episode of Violetta. It first aired on January 22, 2015 in Latin America. It was written by Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta and directed by Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban.


Priscila runs away, but will she return to the Castillo household?

Episode Summary

Violetta waits for the right moment to tell her father that it was Priscila who caused her accident. Priscila finds out about the CCTV footage of her pushing Violetta down the stairs and get's rid of the only copy.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Julía Martínez Rubio as Brenda

Songs Featured


  • Ludmila's father arrives from Africa.


Violetta logo
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