“A Disappointment, A Song”
Season 2, Episode 037
Laty (3)
Air Date

June 18, 2013 (Latin America)
July 7, 2015 (UK and Ireland)

Prod. Code



Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta


Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban

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A Voice, A Song


A Disappointment, A Song

Episode 037, also known as A Disappointment, A Song, is the 117th episode of Violetta and 37th in Season 2. It first aired June 18, 2013, in Latin America. It was written by Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta and directed by Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban.


After catching Diego on the phone talking about her, does Violetta actually know who he was talking to and about his and Ludmila's plan?

Episode Summary

Hearing Diego talk on the phone about her, Violetta fools Diego by pretending that she didn't hear anything and that she only forgot something in the classroom. Jade forces Herman to tell Esmeralda that he got fired from the job at the restaurant. Ludmila picks on Violetta and gets an idea in her head that Violetta lip-synced her whole show. Herman tells Violetta that he won't be able to see her show. Meanwhile, Ludmila and Diego trade threats about what they know about each other. Matias tells Jade that there are plenty other men for her out there, but she refuses and says that she wants Herman. Violetta doesn't understand how Leon can forget her so quickly.


Main Cast

Songs Featured


  • Violetta gets her voice back.
  • Herman overhears Leon and Maxi talking about Leon and Lara's date and thinks it's a date with Violetta.
  • Angie thinks that there is something going on between Jeremiah and Jackie.
  • Olga breaks up with Cardozo.


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