“A New Room, A Song”
Season 2, Episode 008
Violetta S2, Episode 8 Preview
Air Date

May 8, 2013 (Latin America)
June 8, 2015 (UK and Ireland)

Prod. Code



Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta


Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban

Episode Guide

A Voice, A Song


A Party, A Song

Episode 008 also known as "A New Room, A Song" is the 88th episode overall of Violetta and 8th episode of Season 2. It first aired on May 8, 2013, in Latin America and is written by Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta and directed by Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban.


Leon finds out about Diego finishing Violetta's song and gets angry.

Episode Summary

Herman "forgets" about Leon's message for Violetta, causing her to miss their date. Violetta sees through Herman's lie and is furious at him for being so childish. Jackie finally asks Pablo to be her boyfriend, and he accepts. However, he wants to keep it a secret for now, to avoid trouble with Gregorio. Camila accidentally tells Leon about Diego finishing Violetta's song during their dance practice. Leon is furious and goes to confront Violetta.


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