“An Opportunity, a Song”
Season 1, Episode 10
Air Date

May 25, 2012 (Latin America)
August 2, 2013 (UK and Ireland)

Prod. Code



Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta


Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban

Episode Guide

A Rivalry, a Song


Falling in Love, a Song

Episode 010, also known as "An Opportunity, a Song", is the tenth episode in the first season of the television series Violetta. It first aired on May 25, 2012, in Latin America, and it was directed by Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban and written by Solange Keoleyan and Sebastián Parrotta.


Everything between Violetta and Tomas is cleared up when Francesca, Camila, Maxi and Braco discover the full video. While working on a song for the entrance test to the Studio, Violetta and Tomas become even closer.

Episode Summary

Herman nearly catches Violetta and Tomas together. While trying to escape, Tomas bumps into Angie and finds out that she works as Violetta's tutor. Tomas promises to not tell that to anyone. Francesca, Camila, Maxi and Braco discover the video and find out that it was all Ludmila and Naty's fault. Tomas then shows Violetta the video to prove that he didn't make fun of her. Knowing that her father is at a meeting with Angie, Violetta invites Tomas to her house to help him compose his song for the test and this brings them even closer. Unfortunately, Herman and Angie return when Tomas is still at the house. Before Herman could take Tomas out, Jade shows up, angry at him for going to the meeting with Angie. This gives Tomas a chance to escape, with Violetta following him. Ludmila finds Tomas and pretends to remove something from his eye, so Violetta will think that they're kissing.


Main Cast

Note: In this episode, Samuel Nascimento wasn't part of the main cast.

Guest Cast

  • Nicole Luis as Laura

Songs Featured


  • In a scene, Violetta thinks Ludmila kissed Tomas.


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