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Ruggero Pasquarelli and Martina Stoessel




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Ruggina (Rugg/ero and Mart/ina) is the real-life friendship pairing between Ruggero Pasquarelli and Martina Stoessel.

They are good friends and they usually hang out together on the set of Violetta. They like to spend time together off set too, alone, or with their friends and co-stars.

For the pairing in the series of Federico and Violetta Castillo, see Fedeletta.


  • They are very good friends in real-life, just like their characters.
  • They like spending time together on the set of Violetta, but off set too.
  • They like joking around with each other.
  • They like taking silly pictures of themselves.
  • Ruggero gave Martina an interview for the Italian fans of Violetta.[1]
  • They are following each other on Twitter and Instagram.
  • They are both working on the Season 3 of Violetta and have been to Barcelona together to shoot the show.
  • They made a pizza together for Candelaria's birthday.[2]
  • Both were working on Violetta in Concert (Violetta En Vivo).
  • Both can speak fluent Spanish.
  • Both are going to participate the Violetta LIVE tour.
  • Ruggero is 23 and Martina is 19.
  • They are both in a relationship.
  • Ruggero is Italian but Martina is Argentinean.
  • Ruggero is fluent in Italian and English but Martina isn't.
  • Martina participated the whole Violetta en Vivo tour, but Ruggero only participated in Europe and the last concerts in Buenos Aires.
  • Martina participated in the whole Violetta Live tour, while Ruggero only participated in the first part.


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