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Rock Bones


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Rock, pop-rock, pop

Years active



Walt Disney Records

Associated acts

Martina Stoessel


Juan Ciancio
Gastón Vietto
Guido Pennelli

Rock Bones was an Argentine pop-rock band, originally from Buenos Aires. The band emerged in 2011 from the television series Peter Punk on Disney XD.


Peter Punk and Violetta

In the television series Peter Punk, the band consisted of five members, Juan Ciancio (Peter), Gastón Vietto (Mateo), Guido Pennelli (Seba), Lucía Percrul (Lola) and Franco Masini (Ivan). This was also the case in episode 34 of Violetta, where they performed a new version of their song "Mi Perdición", featuring Martina Stoessel. They also released an album in 2011 called Peter Punk, containing the songs from the show.

Music career

After Peter Punk ended on October 25, 2013, the band continued on with three members. On March 5, their album Paso el tiempo was released and they also appeared in several episode of the second season of Violetta. In episode 53 they performed their second duet with Martina Stoessel, "A Los Cuatro Vientos". This song was subsequently featured on the Violetta en Vivo album.


  • Juan Ciancio - Lead vocal, bass
  • Gastón Vietto - Guitar
  • Guido Pennelli - Drums, percussion
  • Lucía Percrul - Technician, sound-girl (only in Peter Punk)
  • Franco Masini - Manager (only in Peter Punk)

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