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Resto Band




Buenos Aires, Argentina (former)
Italy (former)


The Caviglia family


Luca Caviglia (former)
Francesca Caviglia (former)
Tomas Heredia (fired)
Camila Torres (quit)
Pablo Galindo (quit)
Mario (quit)
Mara (quit)
Unknown workers (fired)

Current status

Closed down (probable)

Resto Band, formerly Resto Bar was a bar that was founded by Francesca and Luca's parents. The bar was right next to the Studio 21, so that was the perfect place for all the students of the Studio to hang out and they also came to sing.


Resto Band appears in most of the episodes in the first season. The outside of the bar is never seen, just the inside part. However, it is never shown in the second season.


  • Luca changed the name of Resto Bar to Resto Band because he sees that live music can bring in more customers.
  • This is one of the main places in the series.
  • At the bar they serve Italian food, because Luca's family are Italian.
  • Francesca's birthday party was in Resto Band.
  • There's a small cellar that Luca converted it into a test room so that Francesca and her friends can practice there.
  • People call the bar "Resto" for short.
  • Luca made a little stage in Resto Band so that he and the students can perform there.
  • Resto Band was probably closed down after the first season, since Luca moved back to Italy.


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