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Paloma Sirvén
Full Name

Paloma Sirvén






April 4, 1993

Eye Color

Dark brown

Hair Color

Brown with blonde highlights




Emma Toledo

Paloma Sirvén (born April 4, 1993) is an Argentine actress. She is best known for playing Emma Toledo in the Disney Channel Original TV Series Violetta. She has also been in several other TV programs and plays.

Life and Career

In 1993, Paloma was born in the Swiss Clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Pablo and María Sirvén. Her father, Pablo Sirvén, is a journalist who has written several books and is currently working for one of the main newspapers in Argentina. He has received several awards for his work.

At 10 years old Paloma started studying jazz, dancing and hip-hop. She also studied at the University of Buenos Aires where she studied English as she loves to read and write.

In 2012 she was cast in the play Insomnio, which is a comedy starring children between 8 - 19 years old. In this she showed off her musical talents by singing and dancing. She was then asked to play Emma Toledo in Violetta. Since being cast in Violetta she has particpated in several other TV programs such as Adrián Suar, Lali Espósito, Eugenia Suareza and Angela Torres. She has also been in several advertisements. She is currently in rehearsals for a play with the same cast as Insomnio.

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  • When she was young she loved to play hockey, but now her favourite exercise is dancing. [1]
  • She is 22 years old but she thinks that she looks 14. [1]
  • She calls her father Pablito and she calls her mother Tití. [1]
  • Violetta was her first participation in television but she had previously worked in theater before Violetta. [1]
  • She has a blog where she writes poems and shares things she likes, such as books or music. [1]
  • She once worked in an ecological magazine doing interviews. [1]
  • She would like to write a play and star in it in the future. [1]
  • She had a great time on the set of Violetta. [1]
  • She would like to receive an award for something. [1]
  • She loves reading and she prefers a bookshop rather than a shopping mall. [1]
  • She would like to write a book someday. [1]
  • Her name means "dove" in Spanish. [1]


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