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Oscar Cardozo
Full Name

Oscar Cardozo


Oscaky (by Olga)
Cardozo (by everyone)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Emma Toledo's bodyguard (former)


Olga Peña (ex-fiancée)


Emma Toledo (best friend)
the Mayor (employer)
Andres (ex-friend/enemy)


The Mayor

First Episode

Season 2/Episode 009

Last Episode

Season 2/Episode 041

Portrayed By

Luis Sabatini

Oscar Cardozo is a bodyguard who's in love with Olga Peña.

Oscar is portrayed by Luis Sabatini.


Oscar seems to have a two-sided personality. He acts very sweet and caring towards the people he likes, such as Emma and Olga, but he's hostile and cold towards those he dislikes, such as Andres and Ramallo.

Character History

Season 2

Part 1

Cardozo first appeared on the show when Emma and her father visited the Studio. Emma bonds with Andres straightaway, and they become a couple. Cardozo doesn't like Andres at all, and he will only let him get close to Emma on one condition: Andres has to set Cardozo up with Olga. Somehow, Andres manages to do this, and Cardozo and Olga start dating.

Part 2

In the second half of the second season, Cardozo frequently visits Olga at the Castillo house and their relationship becomes quite serious. Eventually, Cardozo proposes to a shocked Olga, who agrees to marry him. However, after a while, Olga realises that she still has feelings for Ramallo, and she breaks up with Cardozo.


  • He used to be Emma Toledo's bodyguard, but he quit to spend more time with Olga.
  • He's in love with Olga Peña.
  • He proposed to Olga Peña, but after she accepted the proposal, she realized that she was still in love with Ramallo, and broke up with Oscar.
  • He fixed Olga's computer for her so that she could watch Violetta in the YouMix show.
  • He doesn't like Andres.


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