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On Beat Studio
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Outside On Beat Studio




Buenos Aires, Argentina


Gregorio Casal (principal)
Pablo Galindo (ex-principal)
Antonio Fernández (founder)


Angie Carrará (singing teacher)
Gregorio Casal (dance teacher)
Beto Benvenuto (music teacher)


On Beat

On Beat Studio (formerly known as Studio 21, stylized as Stud!o 21) is a combined arts academy where Violetta and the rest of the students take music, singing and dancing lessons.

Known Students

Current Students


Studio 21's logo




On Beat Studio's professors

Known Shows


  • The Studio was founded by Antonio.
  • The Studio appears in all of the episodes.
  • Rafa Palmer was a student of the Studio.
  • Violetta's mother, Maria was part of Studio On Beat.
  • The location of On Beat Studio in real life is in a university of Argentina.
  • There are many students in the Studio that are foreign, such as Francesca and Federico (Italy), Diego and Naty (Spain), Leon (Mexico) and Broduey (Brazil).
  • On the Disney Channel Latin America YouTube Account (DisneyChannelLA), there's a special clip where you can see a guide of the inside of the Studio: the central hall, the recording room, the staffroom, Violetta's locker, the dance class, the singing class and the stage.
  • The official anthem of the Studio used to be Come and Sing, but it is now On Beat.
  • In season 2, Studio 21 changes its name to On Beat Studio.
  • Federico takes special classes on his own since he is a YouMix star.
  • Angie mentioned in season 1 that On Beat Studio had five years; first year, second year, third year, fourth year and fifth year.


Violetta logo
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