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Angélica Carrará

Nilda Raggi, born as Nilda Marinovich is an Argentine actress, teacher and director of theater in Argentina that has appeared in numerous television programs, telenovelas and movies. She is best known for portraying Angélica Carrará on the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. She is also known for No sos vos, soy yo (2004), Nacido y criado (2006), La sagrada familia (1988) and Carola Casini (1997).

Life and Career

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and educated at the University of Buenos Aires, where she graduated and got her diplomas at the end of her college years. Shortly thereafter in 1972, Nilda gave birth to the actress María Florencia Raggi, her only daughter. With hits Nilda participated in the plays Argumento para una novela corta, El petiso orejudo and Tango varsoviano. In 1994, her daughter married the presenter Nicholás Repetto.

Some of her other contributions are: El año del conejo, Stormquest, La sagrada familia, La ciudad oculta, La elegida and Super Papa. She also worked on Cuentos de Borges and El caso María Sociedad. She has participated in various shows such as Los simuladores, Patito Feo, Luna Salvaje, Casi ángeles and Los exitosos Pells.

She also worked on Más allá del horizonte, Como pan caliente, Carola Casini and Comodines. Her last appearance was in Tres minutos in 2007.

In 2012, she guest starred on the Disney Channel Latin American Original Series, Violetta for some episodes as Angélica Carrará, the mother of Angie Carrará and María Saramego, Herman Castillo's mother-in-law and the grandmother of Violetta Castillo, the main protagonist of the series.

She is currently a teacher and director of theater and is still starring in some theater plays.

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  • Her birth name is Nilda Marinovich.
  • She has a daughter named Florencia Raggi, who is also an actress, and is the mother-in-law of Nicolás Repetto.
  • She is a teacher and director of theater.
  • She portrayed Angélica Carrará on Violetta.
  • The name Nilda is actually an abbreviation of the name "Brunhilda".


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