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Mercedes Lambre and Alba Rico




Mercina, Pabedes, Falba

Malba (M/ercedes and Alba) is the real life friendship pairing between Mercedes Lambre and Alba Rico.

They are good friends and spend time with each other. They like spending time together and do a lot of things with each other.

For the pairing in the series of Ludmila Ferro and Natalia Vidal, see Laty.


  • They are both part of the cast of Violetta.
  • The relationship with their characters is completely different to their real-life one.
  • They were working on Violetta en Vivo (Violetta in Concert).
  • They both worked on Violetta LIVE
  • They both are actresses and singers.
  • They both speak Spanish.
  • Alba is in a relationship, while Mercedes is not .
  • Mercedes is Argentinian and Alba is Spanish.
  • Mercedes is 24 and Alba is 27.


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