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Characters Shipped

Luca Caviglia and Francesca Caviglia




Fedesca, Tomcesca

Portrayed by

Simone Lijoi and Lodovica Comello

Lucesca (Lu/ca and Fran/cesca) is the brother-sister relationship between Luca Caviglia and Francesca Caviglia. The two seem to fight a lot with each other, but deeply inside them, they love each other very much.


Luca and Francesca are a brother and a sister. Nothing much is known about their past and childhood, but in the beginning of the series they fought a lot. Tomas used to work in Resto Band and Luca disliked him while constantly being rude to him. Francesca didn't like that, so she protests, making Luca angry. But, time after time, Luca discovers his passion for music and they finally start to get along. He also donates money from Resto Band to Studio 21.

Other Names

  • Lancesca (L/uca and Fr/ancesca)
  • Lucasca (Luca and France/sca)
  • Luncesca (Lu/ca and Fra/ncesca)
  • Lucacesca (Luca and Fran/cesca)
  • Fruca (Fr/ancesca and Lu/ca)
  • Franuca (Fran/cesca and L/uca)
  • Franluca (Fran/cesca and Luca)



  • Both have the same parents.
  • Both are Italian.
  • Both have black hair.
  • Both have the surname "Caviglia".
  • Both love each other.
  • Both love music.
  • Both work at Resto Band.
  • Both like to sing in Italian.
  • Both can speak Italian and Spanish.
  • Both worked on the Reality show "Talents 21", Francesca as a competitor and Luca as the host.
  • Both can play the piano and the guitar.
  • Both are close with Pablo, Francesca is his student and Luca is his friend and co-worker.
  • They both like Federico.


  • Francesca is part of Studio 21 and Luca is not.
  • Francesca loves Tomas and Luca hates him.
  • Francesca seems more friendly than Luca.


  • Luca uses all the money from Resto Band to help Francesca and the Studio 21.
  • The two fight a lot but deeply inside they love each other.


Song - The Lucesca song is "Vieni e Canta", the Italian version of "Come and Sing", because they sang it together, along with Federico.

Episode - The Lucesca episode could be episode 38 because that was when Francesca discovered that Luca gave all the money from Resto Band to the Studio to help her and her friends, and afterwards they hugged.

Color - The Lucesca color could be black, because they both have black hair.

Place - The Lucesca place is the Resto Band because both worked there and they spent a lot of time together at the bar too, and it is owned by their family.


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