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Characters Shipped

Jade LaFontaine and Angie Carrará





Portrayed by

Florencia Benítez and Clara Alonso

Jangie (Ja/de and A/ngie) is the frenemy pairing between Jade LaFontaine and Angie Carrará.


Jade hated Angie since the day she first met her. When Angie was hired as Violetta's tutor, Jade opposed to letting her into the house fearing she will try to steal Herman away from her. Angie tries to explain to Jade that she isn't interested in Herman, but Jade refuses to beleive her and will do anything to get her out of the way. She even tried to set her up with Pablo and thought they were a couple. Jade was happy that Angie quit being Violetta's tutor, but the rest of the household disagrees. Later in the series, Angie returned as Violetta's tutor and Jade was furious.

Other Names

  •  Anade (An/gie and J/ade)
  • Jadgie (Jad/e and An/gie)
  • Jadie (Jad/e and Ang/ie)



  • Both have a crush on Herman.
  • Both have a sibling, Jade has Matias as her brother and Angie has María as her sister.
  • Both their sibling's name starts with M.
  • Both are good singers.
  • Both have a absent parent.
  • Both were jealous of Esmeralda and Priscila.


  • Jade is brunette and Angie is blonde.
  • Angie is smart and Jade is not.
  • Angie has to work to live, but Jade lives depending on other people.
  • Angie has long hair and Jade has short hair.
  • Jade loves clothes, and she always wants the latest fashions, but Angie doesn't care about clothes, as long as they're comfortable.
  • Jade is in a relationship, while Angie isn't.


  • Jade hates Angie as she thinks that she wants to steal Herman from her, but Herman is actually the one who is trying to be with Angie, not the other way around.
  • Jade wants Angie to be with Pablo, as she thinks that if Angie and Pablo are together, Angie will stay away from Herman.
  • Their relationship is very similar to the relationship of Violetta and Ludmila.
  • Jade asked Angie to be her maid of honor for her wedding with Nicolás.


Song - To be added.

Episode - The Jangie episode could be episode 1 because that's the first time they met each other. 

Color - The Jangie color could be black because that is the color of Herman's hair and they both love him.

Place - The Jangie place is the Castillo house, because they first met each other there, and both resided there for some time.


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