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Jackie Saenz
Full Name

Jacqueline Saenz


Jackie (by everyone)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dance teacher

Eye Color


Hair Color



Antonio Fernández (uncle)
Unknown parents


Pablo Galindo (ex-boyfriend)
Beto Benvenuto (crush-by-on)


Beto Benvenuto
Pablo Galindo
Antonio Fernández


Studio On Beat


Dance teacher at Studio On Beat (former)

First Episode

A Return, A Song

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Valentina Frione

Jacqueline "Jackie" Saenz is a former dance teacher at Studio On Beat. She is also Antonio's niece. She has a crush on Pablo, and she is jealous of Angie, as she knows that Pablo and Angie used to date and that they still have feelings for each other. She is a very strict person and was always strict with the students in her dance class, but she isn't as bad as Gregorio, whom she dislikes.

Jackie is portrayed by Valentina Frione.

Character History

Early Years

Jacqueline Saenz is Antonio's niece. At a certain age, she joined Studio 21 and excelled at dancing. There, she met Pablo and developed a crush on him, but she never told him. Some time later, Antonio invited her to be the new dance teacher while Gregorio was absent.

Season 2

Part 1

Jackie joined Studio On Beat as the new dance teacher since Gregorio was sacked. She was very strict to her students, because she wanted them to be perfect. During her time teaching, she started to interact more with her old friend Pablo, and they eventually fell in love and became a couple.

Part 2

The faculty get into many, many fights until Jackie loses her temper and quits.


  • She is Antonio's niece.
  • Gregorio hates her because she took his job.
  • Angie dislikes her because Jackie picks fights with her often.
  • It's possible that she's part French, because her first and last name both are originally from France.
  • She gets jealous easily.
  • She can be very overdramatic.
  • The majority of the On Beat faculty do not like her.


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