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Jacinto LaFontaine
Full Name

Jacinto LaFontane


Father (by Matias & Jade)
Daddy (by Jade)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Businessman (former)
Gardener (former)

Hair Color



Matias LaFontaine (son)
Jade LaFontaine (daughter)
Unnamed wife
Nicolas Cortes (son in-law)
Clement Galan (step grandson)

First Episode

A Risk, a Song

Last Episode

A Danger, a Song

Portrayed By

Javier Niklison

Jacinto LaFontaine is a criminal, currently on the run after stealing millions of dollars from Herman Castillo. He is also Jade and Matias' father.

Jacinto is portrayed by Javier Niklison.


Jacinto is a very deceptive and cunning man. He lies to Jade and Matias several times, and he stole millions of dollars from Herman. He is shown to have a cruel streak, and constantly mocks and deceives Matias. He is also irresponsible, as he was careless and didn't prevent his company from going bankrupt.

Character History

Season 1

Part 2

To be added



Jade LaFontaine


Jacinto and Jade care a lot about each other, and have a very good relationship.

Matias LaFontaine


Jacinto has a difficult relationship with Matias. Matias thinks that Jacinto always held him back when he was young, and didn't let him pursue his own ambitions. This isn't helped by Jacinto and Jade constantly teasing Matias, and Matias nearly turns Jacinto into the police on several occasions. However, when Jacinto sends Matias the toy race track he's always wanted he somewhat forgives his father for the bad things he did, showing that he cares about his son, despite their bad history.


  • He disguised himself as a gardener to stay close to Jade and Matias.
  • He had a wedding dress for Jade and a toy race track for Matias delivered to the Castillo house.
  • He is currently on the run from the police.


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