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Full Name

Gery (unknown surname)


You by (Violetta)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mexico (former)


Assistant at Art Rebel (former)
Beto's assistant

Eye Color


Hair Color



Unknown mother
Unknown father


Leon (former crush) Clement Galan (boyfriend)


Diego Hernández
Leon Vargas
Clement Galan


Art Rebel (former)
On Beat Studio

First Episode

Season 3/Episode 005

Last Episode

One Last Song

Portrayed By

Macarena Miguel
Erika Harlacher (English dub)

Gery is a new character in Season 3 of Violetta.

Gery is portrayed by Macarena Miguel.


She is a friendly person, but she will do anything to get Leon to fall in love with her.

Character History

Season 3

Part 1

She met Leon at the motocross when he accidentally made her lose her job. She has a crush on Leon.

Part 2



  • She has a crush on Leon.          
  • She doesn't like Violetta.
  • She sang More Tears with Leon.
  • It is possible that she is from Mexico, as the actress who plays her is Mexican.
  • She currently works as Beto's assistant at the Studio.
    • She is the third person to work as Beto's assistant in the Studio, the first two ones being Tomas and DJ.
  • She once broke Leon's phone.
  • She dislikes Matylda.
  • She and Clement/Alex are close, and are working together to separate Leon and Violetta.
  • She is similar to Lara in several ways.
    • Both were/are in love with Leon.
    • Both are not members of the Studio.
    • Both are rarely seen singing on the show.
    • Both have a job.
    • Both dislike Violetta.
    • Both have a tomboy-style.
  • She and Alex once kissed.
  • She once told Violetta to stay away from Leon.
  • She participates in the studio shows, although she isn't a student there.


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