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Characters Shipped

Francesca Caviglia and Maxi Ponte


Close friends


Caxi, Viaxi, Naxi, Tomcesca

Portrayed by

Lodovica Comello and Facundo Gambandé

Fraxi (Fra/ncesca and Ma/xi) is the friendship pairing of Francesca Caviglia and Maxi Ponte.

The two are also close friends with Camila and Violetta. They like to spend time together and share their passion for music with each other.

For the real-life pairing of Facundo Gambandé and Lodovica Comello, see Facuvica.


At the beginning of the series, Maxi and Francesca are shown to be best friends, along with Camila. They are part of the "good guys" group and they always fight with Ludmila and her group. In episode 6, they dressed like angels to help Violetta, because Ludmila tricked her into dressing up as an angel by telling her that there was a costume party at the Studio. They seem to be very friendly. In episode 3, Maxi, Francesca and Camila dance and sing at Dolores' brother party. They seem to have a lot in common, and they care a lot about each other. Francesca gives Maxi advice about girls, and Maxi helps Francesca with whatever she needs.

Other Names

  • Franaxi (Fran/cesca and M/axi)
  • Framaxi (Fra/ncesca and Maxi)
  • Francescaxi (Francesca and Ma/xi)
  • Maxesca (Max/i and Franc/esca)
  • Mancesca (M/axi and Fr/ancesca)
  • Mrancesca (M/axi and F/rancesca)



  • Both have black hair.
  • Both worked on the song "Always Dancing".
  • Both are friends with Camila, Violetta, Braco, Napo and Tomas.
  • Both have a sibling.
  • Both have a nicknames made of 4 letters (Francesca-Fran and Maximiliano-Maxi)
  • Both failed at love in season 1.
  • Both attend On Beat Studio .
  • Both were picked for the reality show "Talents 21".
  • Both hate Ludmila and her crowd. 


  • Francesca is a girl and Maxi is a boy.
  • Francesca is Italian and Maxi is Argentinean.
  • Francesca has hazel eyes and Maxi has brown eyes.
  • Francesca has straight hair and Maxi has curly hair.
  • Maxi was picked for Gregorio's special group, but Francesca wasn't.


  • Francesca ships Naxi.
  • As shown in Francesca's V-log, she has a lot of pictures of Maxi and her in her room.
  • Francesca said Maxi is her best friend and she loves him.


Song - The Fraxi song could be I Find It All Inside The Music, because they both worked on that song, along with Camila.

Episode - To be added.

Color The Fraxi color could be black, because they both have black hair.

Place The Fraxi place could be Resto Band, because they usually hang out together there. Another place could be the On Beat Studio , because they spend a lot of time there as well.


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