Florencia Benítez
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Florencia Benítez






September 5, 1986

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Dark brown


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Jade LaFontaine

Florencia Benítez, (born September 5, 1986)[1] is an Argentine actress and singer, best known for playing Jade on the Disney Channel Original TV Show Violetta.

Life and Career

She started her acting career on stage in 2006, portraying the character Esmeralda in El Jorobado de París, and later on in 2007, she portrayed Lucy in Drácula, el musical by Pepe Cibrián Campoy y Ángel Mahler, both in Opera City.

In 2008, she participated in Coplas, Zarzuelas y La Corte del Faraón on the La Manufactura Papelera theater, and in 2009, she participated in Che, el musical argentino on the Ciudad Cultural Konex theater.

In 2010 and 2011, she appeared on the Nickelodeon television series Sueña Conmigo as Teresa Grossi. Florencia also participated on the tour for Argentina, Sueña conmigo en concierto.

In 2012, she acted on La Corte del Faraón as Lota on the El Cubo theater, and later on that year, she appeared in Memorias de Poetas, on the 36 billares theater.

In 2012, Benítez joined the cast of the Disney Channel series, Violetta, portraying Jade LaFontaine.

In 2013, she appeared on the Borracho, un after musical play, in the Siranush theater.


Year Title Role Notes
2010-2011 Sueña Conmigo Teresa Grossi Co-star
2012–15 Violetta

Jade LaFontaine


2013-2014 Los vecinos en guerra Alina Minor character
2013-2014 Solamente vos Teresa Grossi Special appearance
2017 Heidi, Bienvenida A Casa Rottermier Main character

External Links


  • She's an opera singer. [2]
  • Her zodiacal sign is Aquarius.
  • She had to cut her hair to play in Violetta, but it grew back.
  • The meaning of Florencia is 'blossoming, flourishing'.[3]
  • She did a photo shoot for Contardi with her Violetta co-star Facundo Gambandé.[4]
  • She is going to be starring in the Nickelodeon show, Heidi, Bienvenida A Casa.[5]


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