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Alba Rico and Facundo Gambandé




Fandelaria, Macundo

Falba (Facundo and Alba) is the cast pairing between Facundo Gambandé and Alba Rico. They are friends and were believed to be dating. It seems like they don't have any contact anymore.

For the pairing in the series between Maxi Ponte and Natalia Vidal, see Naxi.


  • Both are part of the main cast of Violetta (Facundo portrays Maxi Ponte and Alba portrays Natalia Vidal).
  • Both speak Spanish.
  • Both were a part of Violetta En Vivo and Violetta Live.
  • Facundo is Argentine and Alba is Spanish.
  • Many of Alba's favorite scenes in Violetta are with Facundo.
  • Alba is 27, and Facundo is 26.
  • Alba was born in 1989 and Facundo was born in 1990.
  • They both have at least one sibling.
  • Both are singers, dancers and actors.
  • Facundo confirmed that they are together in an interview.[1]
  • They kissed during a Violetta Live Concert.[2]
  • Alba was born in Elda, Spain and Facundo was born in Córdoba, Argentina. 


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