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Facundo Gambandé
Facu (5)
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Facundo Gambandé






January 10, 1990

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Actor, singer, dancer

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Facundo Gambandé, (born in January 10, 1990) is an Argentine actor, singer and dancer. He is from the town of Córdoba in Argentina. He is best known for portraying Maxi on the Disney series Violetta

Life and Career

His career began in 2011 when he began filming for the TV show Violetta. He took on the role Maximiliano "Maxi" Ponte, a student at On Beat Studio and one of the protagonist, Violetta's best friends. Facundo is currently filming for Violetta 3. He also participated in the four CDs that the series launched: Violetta, Cantar es lo que soy, Hoy Somos Más and Violetta en Vivo.

In 2013-2014 he toured Latin America and Europe alongside the cast of Violetta as part of Violetta En Vivo. In 2015, he toured again with the cast of Violetta in the Violetta Live tour, through Europe and Latin America. 


Year Title Role Notes
2012–2015 Violetta

Maxi Ponte


2016 Educando a Nina Leonardo

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  • His zodiacal sign is Capricorn.
  • He sleeps a lot and Candelaria always has to wake him up to go to the set.[1]
  • He has a dog called Albus.[2]
  • He once went to Disneyland Paris with several of the other cast members from Violetta. [3]
  • The name Facundo means 'fertile'. [4]
  • His fans are called "Facunáticas".
  • He particiapted in both the Violetta en Vivo tour and the Violetta LIVE tour. [5]
  • He has a brother named Nacho, which could be short for Ignacio, and a sister called Lucía.[6][7]
  • He has an infinity tattoo on his side.[8]
  • He is currently portraying the character Leonardo in the TV-show "Educando a Nina", produced by Telefe.[9]
  • He did a photo shoot for Contardi with his Violetta co-star Florencia Benítez.[10]


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