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Dr dufre
Full Name

(Unknown first name) Dufré


The psychologist





Eye Color


Hair Color



Antonio Fernández
Gregorio Casal

Portrayed By

Martín Pavlovsky

Dr. Dufré is Gregorio's psychologist and a friend of Antonio's.

He is portrayed by Martín Pavlovsky.


In contrast with typical psychologists, Dr. Dufré seems to be quite eccentric, as shown by his glasses, often wearing more than one at the same time. He also seems to have a short amount of patience, as he gives up easily whenever things start to get out of his hands.

Character Story

Early Years

Not much known about Dr. Dufré's past, but based on his job, he must have attended college, specializing in Psychology and later on, he would've graduated with a degree that allows him to begin his job as a psychologist.

Season 1


  • He is rarely seen outside of his office.
  • He tries to convince Gregorio to let his hatred go, but Gregorio always misinterprets his words.
  • Antonio recommended him to Gregorio.
  • He jokingly advised Antonio to set up another Studio with a whole new set of teachers, because he didn't think that he could help the current ones sort out their problems.
  • His first name is unknown.
  • His second name wasn't mentioned until the second season.
  • He usually wears more than one pair of glasses.

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