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Characters Shipped

Leon and Diego Hernández


Friends/former enemies


Leonetta, Dieletta, Diemila

Portrayed by

Jorge Blanco and Diego Domínguez

Dion (Di/ego and Le/on) is the friendship pairing between Leon and Diego Hernández.


Diego and Leon first meet at the YouMix party, where they have a fight over Violetta. After the party, Diego continues to harass Violetta and won't leave her alone, which infuriates Leon. After Diego joins the Studio, things only get worse. Leon is forced to perform the French version of "Euphoria" with Diego for an assignment, but they almost fail due to Leon spending too much time at the motocross track.

Later on, Diego and Violetta start dating, which only makes Leon hate Diego even more. Leon begins to think that Diego is using Violetta, and he becomes obsessed with proving it to her, but she refuses to listen. Eventually, he and Francesca discover the truth: that Diego was working with Ludmila to destroy Violetta all along.

Other Names

  • Diegeon (Dieg/o and L/eon)
  • Liego (L/eon and D/iego)



  • Both are boys.
  • Both fight with Ludmila.
  • Both are/were close to Ludmila (Diego: best friend, Leon: ex-boyfriend).
  • Both started as antagonists.
  • Both have sung "More Tears" to Violetta.


  • Leon has brown hair but Diego has black hair.
  • Diego has green eyes but Leon has hazel eyes.
  • Leon has been at the studio a lot longer than Diego.
  • Diego is in a relationship, while Leon isn't.
  • Leon is part of the band All For You, while Diego isn't.


  • Leon exposed Diego and Ludmila's plan to Violetta.
  • They tried to put their differences aside for a project and somewhat succeeded.
  • In Season 3, Leon and Diego become close friends.


Song - The Dion song could be "More Tears" because they both sang that song to Violetta. The Dion song could also be "Euphoria" because they both sang that song in French for Pablo's assignment.

Episode - The Dion episode could be episode 29 of season because they sang the French version of "Euphoria" together in that episode. It could also be episode 2 of season 2 because that is the episode they met in.

Color - The Dion color could be yellow/green because they are associated with jealousy and Leon is jealous of Diego's relationship with Violetta.

Place - The Dion place could be On Beat Studio because they both spend a lot of time there and both are students there.


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