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Characters Shipped

Clara Alonso and Martina Stoessel




Mardovica, Candina

Clarina (Clar/a and Mart/ina) is the real-life pairing between Clara Alonso and Martina Stoessel.

They are really good friends and they spend most of the time together on the set of Violetta, and off set too. They like going out together, sometimes with more cast members or friends, but sometimes it's just them two.

For the pairing in the series of Violetta Castillo and Angie Carrará, see Vingie.


  • Clara has met Martina when she was young in High School Musical: La Selección because Alejandro, Martina's dad is the producer of the program. [1]
  • They're both younger than the character they portray.
  • They're both Argentinian.
  • Clara is 26, and Martina is 19.
  • Both are in a relationship.


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