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Antonio Fernández
Full Name

Antonio Fernández Méndez



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina (former)


Studio 21's principal (former)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Jackie Saenz (niece)
Unknown brother


Beto Benvenuto
Pablo Galindo
Angie Carrará
Angélica Carrará


Studio 21 (former)

First Episode

A Dream, A Song

Portrayed By

Alberto Fernández de Rosa
Joey Lotsko (English dub)

Antonio Fernández Méndez was the founder of Studio 21. Sometimes he took the role of the principal, mainly when Pablo was absent and Gregorio was unfair towards the students. He passed away in season 3, due to unknown reasons.

Antonio was portrayed by Alberto Fernández de Rosa.


Antonio had a big passion for music, that's why he founded Studio 21. He had a good heart and understood everyone, but was shown to be a bit naive, as he could easily be talked into doing something by other people, especially Gregorio and Marotti. Most of the students loved him. He loved Violetta, because she reminded him of María, her mom, who was an exemplary student at the Studio.

Character History

Season 1

Part 1

Antonio was a good and kind person with a big heart and a big passion for music, that's the reason he founded the Studio 21. He loved music and teaching the students. He loved Violetta because she reminded him of her mother, María, who was also a student of Studio 21. He was also very good friends with Angie and Angélica.

Part 2

To be added

Season 2

Part 1 

Antonio is alive and just minding his business while breathing in peace

Part 2 Antonio is alive and just minding his business while breathing in peace

Season 3

Part 1

He died. OH LAWWD


Angie Carrará


Angie y Antonio

Antonio and Angie were friends and co-workers, until Antonio passed away. Antonio seemed to like Angie very much, and Angélica, her mother, was a very good friend of Antonio's. They enjoyed each other's company, and they liked working together at the Studio, since they both had a big passion for music. Antonio sometimes gave Angie advice about her life and he was always there for her when she needed support. Angie seemed to admire Antonio and all the work he had done for the Studio a lot, and she respected his decisions, even if she didn't agree with them.


  • His age was unknown, but he was probably around 60 years old, because his hair was white.
  • He was of Spanish origin, because in the Spanish version of Violetta, Antonio had a typical Spanish accent.
  • He was the founder of Studio 21.
  • He was good friends with Angélica Carrará.
  • Violetta was probably his favourite student at Studio 21, because he said that she reminded him of her mother, María.
  • He was normally seen wearing a scarf.
  • He disliked the song "Destined To Shine" because he thought that it's a bad example for the Studio and it only represented individuality.  
  • Sometimes he took the role of the Studio's principal.
  • He was Jackie Saenz's uncle.
  • He passed away at the end of Season 3/Episode 020.


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