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Angélica Carrará
Full Name

Angélica Carrará



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eye Color


Hair Color



Angie Carrará (daughter)
María Saramego (daughter)
Violetta Castillo (granddaughter)
Herman Castillo (son-in-law)
Esperanza (possible sister)


Unknow Husband



First Episode

Falling in Love, a Song

Last Episode

A Final, A Song

Portrayed By

Nilda Raggi

Angélica Carrará is the mother of Angie Carrará and María Saramego. After the death of her daughter María Saramego, she tried to find a way to communicate with her granddaughter, Violetta Castillo.

Angélica is portrayed by Nilda Raggi.


Angélica is a mother that cares a lot about her daughters. She was very upset with the Castillos, especially Herman after the death of her eldest daughter María. She loves Angie very much, she even encouraged her to marry Pablo because he is a good man.

Character History

Season 1

Part 1

Angélica made her first appearance in episode 25. When Angie was walking down the street, Angélica appears and Angie called her "mom". Later on, Pablo finds them and starts to talk with Angélica about Angie. Violetta met her for the first time in episode 27 , when she was about to tell the truth to Violetta, but she got scared because Herman might find out, so she pretends to be another woman and asks her where the post office was. When Violetta explains to her where the direction of the post office was, she leaves but she drops her scarf in front of Violetta. Instead of going to the post office, she finds Angie and says that she saw Violetta, but she couldn't tell the truth to her. In episode 30, Angélica asks Antonio if he could ask Violetta to sing. Violetta sung "I Love You" to Antonio, and Angélica secretly listened too. She said that Violetta had a great voice like Maria's.

Part 2

In this part of season 1, Angélica appears again in episode 72, when Violetta found out that she is her grandmother. She left the show after the first season for unknown reasons, and it's possible that she still resides in Buenos Aires.



Herman Castillo


Herman is Angelica's son-in-law. She is furious with Herman because he didn't let her tell the truth to Violetta about her family.

Angie Carrará


Angie is Angelica's only daughter alive. She knows that Angie lies to Herman who she really is. Angelica is very grateful and sweet.

Violetta Castillo


Violetta is Angelica's granddaughter, but Violetta doesn't know it, like she doesn't know about Angie. When Angelica was chasing Violetta, Violetta turned around and asked about who she was and why she was chasing her. Angelica replies back with nothing, because she is afraid that Herman would find out about Violetta knowing who she was and punish her.


  • She doesn't support the relationship between Angie and Herman. Instead, she thinks Angie should marry Pablo rather than Herman.
  • She, like Angie, didn't have the courage to tell Violetta that she's her grandmother when they met for the first time.
  • She mentioned that Angie has an aunt named Esperanza, which could be her sister.
  • She didn't appear in Season 2 or 3.


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