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Alberto Fernández de Rosa
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Alberto Fernández de Rosa


April 25, 1944

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Antonio Fernández

Alberto Fernández de Rosa, (born April 25, 1944) is an experienced Argentine actor. He has acted on various Argentine films and television series for five decades. Fernandez de Rosa is a native of Buenos Aires.

Life and Career

Alberto Fernández de Rosa began acting as a child. He debuted in theater at the age of eleven, participating at plays on the Teatro Liceo, under the supervision of playwright Luisa Vehil. While not a prominent actor at first, he struggled until he was finally able to land a job in a television series, 1962's "La Familia Falcon" ("The Falcon Family"). At the age of eighteen, Fernandez de Rosa became a teen idol in Argentina. Next, he made his first movie, "El Secreto de Monica" ("Monica's Secret"). This film proved important in Fernandez de Rosa's acting career, as it exposed him for the first time to Spain's public; Fernandez de Rosa would later participate in a significant number of productions from that European country. He also participated in "El Televisor" before 1962 was over.

Fernández de Rosa came back to "La Familia Falcon" in 1963, this time, playing the character of "Alberto". In 1964, he played "Bobby" in "Pajarito Gomez", a successful Argentine film. He followed that work with 1965's "El Castigador" ("The Punisher"), and 1966's "Buenos Aires, verano 1912" ("Buenos Aires in the Summer of 1912"), which was a look back at Argentina's capital city during the 1910s. The 22 year old actor made four films in 1966. Apart from "Buenos Aires, verano 1912", another important movie he made that year was "El Bikini Rojo" ("Red Bikini"), which enjoyed success in West Germany as well as in Argentina. After taking a rest from filming in 1967, Fernandez de Rosa returned to the screens in 1968, participating in the Italian-Spaniard production, "Marchio dil Kriminal I" ("March of the Criminal I"). Fernandez de Rosa had by then moved to Spain; this would enable him later on to play Spaniard characters back home in Argentina. Fernandez de Rosa lived in Spain three years, during which he made a total of seventeen films.


  • His zodiacal sign is Aries.
  • He started his career at the age of eleven.
  • He made over twenty films.
  • He has a daughter named Valentina.[citation needed]


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